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Welcome to WaxWaxWaxForMen...the first hair removal discussion forum designed especially for men!

While this site is intended for discussions of hair removal from any body part, the bikini zone is a common area for hair removal by both men and women and normally requires professional assistance. Below are sample illustrations and descriptions of popular male and female bikini wax styles. As you can see, the styles range from simple to extreme!

Click here for a printable version of this page (requires Adobe Reader) to use as an instructional guide at your salon/spa, courtesy of WaxWaxWaxForMen.com. This is convenient for both estheticians and their clients to clarify the type of service requested.


The Basic Bikini

Removes hair from the sides and top of underwear line.

The '3X' Boy-Leg Bikini

Similar to the Basic Bikini, but also removes hair from the top of the leg, leaving a straight line.

The '3X' Brazilian

Similar to the Basic Bikini, but also removes hair from the scrotum, penis, base of penis shaft, labia, perineum, and butt crack.

The '3X' Athletic

Similar to '3X' Brazilian, but leaves the hair intact along the underwear line.

The '3X' Wedge

A narrower version of the popular '3X' Brazilian.

The '3X' GT

An eye-catching design based on the '3X' Brazilian but with sporty racing stripes.  This style is ideal for men and women with straight pubic hair, especially dense Asian hair, as the shape sits very naturally.

The '3X' Landing Strip

Takes everything off but a narrow strip of hair.  For men, the strip is traditionally the same with as your penis.  For women, the strip is traditionally the same width as your natural fold.

The '3X' Tear Drop

A cute and fun alternative to the usual landing strip.

The '4X' Brazilian

Everything comes off for an ultra-smooth look and feel.



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